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The monthly outings are designed to develop:  community awareness and interaction through structured community based experiences; and develop and maintain recreation and leisure skills. The outings are opened to all families living with an autism spectrum disorder.  The outings are designed for the entire family.

Autism Society NWPA offers:

  • Auto Racer for Kids LEGO Social Club (Kindergarten through Grade 10)
    • 2 Sites | Erie & Allegheny-Crawford
    • LEGO Social Club meets the 2nd Saturday of the month for a Fall & Spring Session
      • Fall Session | September – December
      • Spring Session | February – May
    • Friends & Pals Teen Club (Age 13 – 21)
      • Teen Club gatherings are held the 1st first Thursday of the month September – May
      • Special summer outings are planned

What’s in the works for 2018?

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  • January – Snow Tubing (January 14th)
  • February – Hooch & Blotto’s Family Bowling (February 25th)
  • March – Bowling Party (March 24th)
  • April – Erie Foam Dart (April 22nd)
  • May – Claytopia (Sunday, May 20th)
  • June – Autism Day at The Erie SeaWolves (June 10th)
  • July – Family Summer Picnic (July 15th)
  • August – Scallywags Pirate Cruise (August 5th)
  • September – TBA
  • October – Pumpkin Farm (October 11th)
  • November – Splash Lagoon (November 11th)
  • December – Holiday Party (December 2nd)

All of our event reservations are made through our database NEON.  If you are a member of the Autism Society NWPA, you will need to use your log-in to order to receive your member discount to the monthly Family Sensory and Social Opportunities.

Our monthly family sensory and social opportunities are organized by the Recreation & Family Support Committee.  The committee is always looking for new members/volunteers.  If you are interested in joining or volunteering at the events, please contact the office at (814) 455-3540 or email.

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ABSOLUTE RELEASE OF LIABILITY – I recognize the potential for injury which can occur in engaging in activities offered and sponsored by the Autism Society Northwestern Pennsylvania. I hereby consent to myself, the named participant and any other parent or guardian to participate in activities with other participants on equipment used by Autism Society NWPA, and do hereby, for myself, the above named participants and any other parent or guardian, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages that I, the above named participant, or other parent/guardian may have at any time against Autism Society NWPA, or any of its agents for any injury or damages in connection with me or the attendees’ association with activities with other individuals or any other activity associated with or sponsored by Autism Society NWPA.
I understand, as the parent or guardian of the named participant, I am responsible for all property damage caused by the named participant, my attendees, and/or me.  I agree to replace, at my own expense, or to reimburse the Autism Society NWPA for all losses, breakage or required repairs that were caused by my named participant, my attendees, and/or me.
I understand I am solely responsible for monitoring and supervising my registered attendees at all times at the above-mentioned event.  At their discretion, Autism Society NWPA reserves the right to require an attendee to leave an event due to safety concerns.

If a parent/guardian is unable to attend the monthly Family Sensory Social outing, the Absolute Release of Liability form must be completed, signed and provided at check-in of the event for the attendee to participate.   DOWNLOAD FORM

LEGO Social Club and Friends & Pals Teen Club have seperate registration forms that are signed on an annual basis.