Between the two of us, we are the proud parents of six children.  We have been especially blessed with the gift of raising our 7 year old son Logan.  Logan was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 ½ years old.  When he was first diagnosed we knew next to nothing about Autism, and certainly had no idea how it would impact our lives.  Since then, we have learned so much with the love and support from family, friends, wonderful teachers, and various agencies, especially the Autism Society – Northwestern Pennsylvania.  The ASA-NWPA does a tremendous job in advocating, educating, and supporting families affected by Autism.  They keep families updated with important news and legislation that could directly affect them, and  they sponsor sensory friendly community outings and social events.  Since we also have a younger son and daughter, these events are especially important to us.  They make it possible for us to do things together as a family, and also allow us to meet other people in the same situation.  You can share info and experiences with others, and know that you are not alone in this wonderful, but often challenging journey.  Logan has helped us all to see a whole new world through his eyes.  Through increased awareness and understanding, we can all make it a better world for him and all others on the spectrum.

Thank you for your support, Mike and Amy Viera